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Food, Fun, Sports, Spirits

Fricker's is a family restaurant, a sports bar, a place to gather with your friends and have a delicious meal. We have 24 locations across Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. We look forward to serving you soon!

Frickers Fun
Fun for Everyone

Enjoy video and arcade games for both kids and adults.

Frickers Food
Great Food

We have hundreds of delicious menu items, Fricker's signature item is our "World Famous Chicken Wings." Served up in a varierty of sauces.

Wall-To-Wall Sports

With televisions everywhere there is never a bad seat to catch all the action.

Great Spirits

Thirsty? Craft Beers, IPA's, import and domestic favorites are available as well as a full service bar.

We're Hiring

Fricker's is always looking for hard working and motivated individuals to join our team. There are many great opportunities available whether you would like to work front of the house, back of the house or work your way into management. If you're interested follow the link & apply today!

Employment Opportunities

The Tale of Fricker's

You may be wondering how Fricker's came to be. It all started many years ago when Ma Frick gave birth to the bouncy baby boys, known then only as Brothers Frick. Many years passed and the boys decided to give themselves first names to avoid further confusion. And then, there they were out in the real world with only full names to support themselves. The elder brother, fresh out of college, took a stab at teaching. (We think he was asked to leave, but he's not talking.) After a couple of years, he ended up as a saloon operator in Toledo. How apropos.

The younger brother had stars in his eyes since birth. After being fitted for contacts, this problem was solved. He wanted to be near the high seas, the smell of the ocean and the taste of the palm trees (better with ketchup, he discovered) which developed his furor for cooking. To support his habit of cooking, he cut people's lawns for a living (a son every mother would be proud of).

So here's what we have so far. The one loves the night life for no apparent reason. The other cooks and cuts grass (the front yard variety). What to do with these collective and possibly useful talents? Open a bar/restaurant. Wow! What an original concept. So on a spring day in 1985, the brothers met on middle ground in Dayton, Ohio, of all places, the booming metropolis of the Mid-West, and started drawing pictures of what a Fricker's should look like. Changes were made, countless numbers of them. Then a building was found, a unique place that needed a lot of work--Perfect. So, it began. First, the young workers started removing all unnecessary walls, etc. You know the stuff you don't need. Then, the brothers arrived, as usual, making as many changes as possible. The younger brother, recalling how to work, decided to try his hand. He's the one with the bad back. "It takes six steps," he says, "but once I'm erect, I'm okay."

Fire up the coffee pot, here comes the elder (your car runs on gas, this brother runs on coffee). Things started to shape up despite us. We sat back and admired our handy work. With good food (in our opinion), casual atmosphere, and outrageous employees (why they're here we're not sure), we knew you would love it. The brothers are proud of what they have accomplished. Who would have ever thought you could build an entire business around chicken wings? Like they say, "Anything is possible in America." At any rate, what you see around you is the best we could do on short notice. We promise to do better the next time. So sit back (not too far, remember they're only stools), and enjoy yourself. If there is anything special you require, please ask ... within reason, of course.