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Love our wings? Now is the time to explore adding Fricker's to your portfolio.

Why Fricker's?

Our philosophy is simple. We want to provide our guests with extraordinary hospitality and a great value in a fun, family friendly environment. Fricker's wants to provide our family of employees a fun, fast-paced work envionment while leading them with honesty and integrity. We want to make a positive, influential impact on the communities in which we live. We want to give our franchise partners and ownership the opportunitiy to be financially succesful. Our brand is fun, food, sports and spirits.

Investment & Operations

Franchisees must have a qualified General Manager with at least two years experience as a General Manager of a full service restaurant with alcohol. The General Manager must be supported by a minimum of two additional, Fricker's trained salaried managers.

We require a $1,250,000 net worth (not including personal residence) of which $250,000 must be liquid.